Nashville, Tennesse



Establish, Extend and Create.  Establish a new sports and tourism district. Extend the public realm along the riverfront. Create and revive connections between old and new neighborhoods.  We strongly believe that these three simple concepts can be the catalyzing forces for change.

Active-scape is a project that seeks to heighten the lifestyle experiences for residents and visitors of Nashville.  Active-scape dreams of big changes and the possibility of new outcomes but is grounded by pragmatic real world solutions. Active-scape has two goals, increase the amount of healthy public active spaces and connect people to the ecology of the site.  To accomplish these goals, we have a few simple concepts: establish a lifestyle loop (district), extend the riverfront and create urban linkages.

The establishment of a lifestyle loop is created through a hybrid of existing and new site programs.  Using the successful sports and tourism activities anchored by LP Field, Bridgestone Arena and Music City Center, Active-scape adds new programs which synergizes in a new district and supports an active urban lifestyle.

Active-scape extends the riverfront as a public space, but also imagines a greater vision for a waterfront park in Nashville.  Active-scape realizes possibilities to link Shelby Bottoms to Cumberland Park and beyond, where the riverfront becomes a connective element of Nashville.
At the pedestrian level, Active-scape reveals and creates new urban linkages for pedestrians and cyclists, increasing access to the public realm.  These new linkages create opportunities for hybridization and foster connections between neighborhoods.

Active-scape can be broken into 4 categories: in-fill development, active recreation, ecologic zones and the urban farm. Each of these categories has a variety of flexible proposals for programming, which can be scaled up or down, depending on the desired intensity.  Striking a balance between each category is important, so that each is ultimately successful and financial sustainable.  

In-fill development is a large component of Active-scape and is the economic engine that makes the rest of the park feasible.  The relocation of Herschel Greer Stadium provides an immediate boost of energy to the area.  With the ability to share parking and transit infrastructure with LP Field, the new stadium can be built at a reduced cost and provide the new district with year round sporting events.  Working in cooperation with the new stadium, other in-fill sites will help support the new sports and tourism district.  Programming for these in-fill sites is flexible and should respond to market forces; it is important is that each development site is mixed-use.

At the core of Active-scape, is a diverse program of active recreational opportunities. Investment and financing for sports and recreation facilities can be gained from fees and assessments levied on the new development sites.

Active-scape also hosts a set of rich ecological areas where native flora and fauna would flourish.  Urban forestry zones, river backwater areas and storm water gardens would all be part of the development’s robust site ecology.

A well-rounded approach to health starts with understanding our sources of food and how diet can profoundly affect our well being.  The development of a 20-acre urban farm as part of Active-scape works in two distinct ways.  It supplies local restaurants and schools with a steady supply of locally sourced food and provides an opportunity for educational outreach to local school children.



Nashville Civic Design Center