San Francisco, California



One part renegade planting and one part community collaboration, makes the Jungle Stairs a very unique project for Groundworks Office.  It’s fair to say that the Jungle Stairs is a unique urban remnant, a leftover from the carving of the grid through San Francisco iconic terrain. Found atop Castro Hill, this steep hillside has become a refuge for urban dwellers and a small moment of escape from the paved public realm.  Having significant constraints because of the sites severe slopes, access is limited to the two staircases that negotiate the hillside.  The remaining hillside is landscaped and suffers from an accrual of planting regimes that has left a hodgepodge of plant ecologies from agaves to tall grasses.

The goal of our work is to introduce a new plant regiment that is cohesive, visual stimulating and ecologically rich.  We also intend to create a few urban nodes that promote a rich exchange between neighbors and visitors to the Jungle Stairs.

Funding for the project has been through a robust grant-writing process with the project recently receiving funding from San Francisco’s Community Challenge Grant Fund.  Design for the hillside was complete in 2014 and construction ended in 2015.



The Jungle Stairs Community Group