Harvey Milk Plaza


“A city isn’t a collection of buildings …... A city is made up of people.”  - Harvey Milk 

This is a plaza for people!


We envision a future when people say, “Meet me at Milk Plaza.” The new plaza will be the important gathering node the Castro deserves. , Iin times of joy and , in times of sadness, we will meet here at Harvey Milk Plaza.  The plaza will also provide a proper place for those who pilgrimage to the Castro, to memorialize Harvey, cry with Harvey, be weird with Harvey, but most importantly, celebrate equality with Harvey. 

Our proposal aspires to craft a fitting memorial for Harvey and a public plaza that honors his legacy of protest, revolt and community activism.  This is hallowed ground, and we believe in creating a memorial that honors Harvey and reflects the faces of those he fought for and fought with, US.  The Memorial is a reflective and mirror-like faceted panel, adorned with his effervescent visage and his most moving and important quotes.  It is intended to reflect the dynamism, individuality and uniqueness of all those who visit the Memorial and Plaza; all creeds, all races, all walks of life. 


With a complete reorganization of the Muni Station, our design lifts the existing plaza towards street level, creating an inspiring, vibrant and heroic public space, one fitting of Harvey Milk and the Castro.  Our memorial for Harvey captures his dynamism and selfless energy, reflective of him as a person, but symbolic of the people he represented. 

With the relocation of the stairs and escalator to the western side of the plaza., the most visible corner of the Castro now becomes a fitting gateway and public plaza.  The result is a unified plaza that simplifies circulation to public transit, removes the many burdensome barriers and creates a heroic and inspiring memorial for Harvey Milk.   


Along Market Street, we’ve connected the plaza to street level with a cascading, animated and sculptural staircase, that provides an ideal urban perch and pulpit, for those like Harvey, needing a spot to speak to the masses gathered on the plaza.  This elevated dais also becomes a fitting backdrop to memorialize the Candlelight Vigil, a powerful and moving event the night of Harvey’s death.  Built Wwithin the cascading staircase, we’ve proposed a lighting element that artistically references the Candlelight Vigil, an event that symbolized the outpouring of love for Harvey.  The faceted pre-cast concrete panels, marked by hundreds of LEDs, will provide a soft glow and a lasting remembrance of the poetic tribute displayed on the fateful day of Harvey Milk’s death.  It is here that we’ve chosen memorialize Harvey with a few of his most powerful quotes and an engraving of his effervescent visage.



We strongly believe in massive change, that properly represents Harvey Milk and his important legacy to equality.  We’ve taken this opportunity to THINK BIG and HOPE for positive CHANGE.  Harvey sparked a massive cultural shift; let’s be equally profound with the plaza we build to remember his legacy.