Sara Peschel has 17 years of experience in landscape architecture, urban design and public art. She is a founding partner at GROUNDWORKS Office. Her work addresses various scales from large scale urban ecologies to smaller scale public open space and garden projects. This wide range of project experience includes knowledge of the public review process, strong project management skills, and the rewarding challenge of translating creative solutions into built form with a focus on detail. Her background in natural resources and experience in public art has fostered a deep interest in how the design process can facilitate a personal connection to the natural environment.



Harvard University - Master of Landscape Architecture
University Vermont - Bachelor of Science

Professional Experience

GROUNDWORKS Office - Berkeley, California

Tom Leader Studio - Berkeley, California
Matthews Nielson Landscape - New York City
Dennis Oppenheim Artist - New York City
Sawyer Berson Architecture and Landscape - New York City
Acconci Studio - New York City

Current Commissions

Washington Hospital Healthcare System - Fremont, California
Hunters Point Hillside Streetscape - San Francisco, California
Liquid Sugar - Emeryville, California