Emeryville, California



Working in collaboration with Widgery Studio, Groundworks Office is developing a proposal for an art installation in a very unique urban space beneath the Powell Street Bridge in Emeryville.  Our proposal "DAZZLE" references the distinct geometric patterns painted on ships during WWI and II, to camouflage their distance, speed, and direction on the water.  We have adapted this camouflage technique to mask the ominous presence of the Powell Street Bridge and begin the process of creating a vibrant urban node that links north and south, east and west. 

By painting the massive columns with a strong geometric pattern they become visually interesting, yet simultaneously dematerialized, and no longer perceived as ugly support columns.  Our proposal also relies on rows of stainless steel “leaves” that are mounted to the columns and respond to atmospheric conditions.  The “leaves” animate the space in surprising and unpredictable ways.  As the “leaves” move and respond to wind conditions, light will bounce around the space, as well, the “leaves” will produce a subtle harmonic sound as they clink against the steel columns.



City of Emeryville



Widgery Studio