San Francisco, California



1831 is a unique project for many reasons; a design focused client, their tiny tot users, postage stamp size scope and virtually no rigor in its documentation. 1831 is made up of a family of five who devour avocado’s in every form, which is why the client demanded a Bacon Avocado make an appearance in the planting plan.

The concept for the yard drew from both an economy of means and a circulation pattern that prioritized getting into the house, plus the local tectonics of the nearby Hayward Fault.  At a mere 1,000 sq ft, the size of this yard is directly proportional to the property line.

Fortified to prevent grazing from the local fauna, the plant palette connects with the larger borrowed landscape of the Berkeley Hills, concrete steps provide an ideal perch to fraternize with neighbors, while the avocado provides sustenance for house party’s and local pollinators.

Ultimately, the front yard was built by a contractor despite the resident’s best efforts, hence the professional appearance. The result is a deceptively simple organization of elements that support the bold and energetic people that live behind the façade.   


Crazy Berkeley People