Albany Loop

Alameda, California



Albany Loop is a fun and interactive element, visually exuberant and spatially dynamic.  Looping across the site, a 12” diameter, high strength steel pipe, re-shapes the homogenous tract of green lawn along the Ohlone Greenway, into a fun and playful space.  At its crescendo, it loops to spell A – L – B – A – N – Y, in an audaciously graphical and energetic statement.  The size and scale of Albany Loop was thoughtfully considered, and intended to be a strong visual landmark, for not only those riding, walking, or scooting along the greenway, but for those passing above.  “HEY, THIS IS ALBANY!”.  The remaining parts of Albany Loop twist and bend to create flexible and fun spots to sit, relax, jump and rest.


City of Albany

Lost Machine

Foundations and Excavation
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