Bryan Center Plaza

Duke University

w/ Hargreaves Associates



The Bryan Center Student Plaza located at Duke University was an important keystone project in the realization of a connection from the student center to the main academic quad.  Previous conditions along the Bryan Center Bridge dictated the need for change. With an average width of 10 feet the existing bridge created a uncomfortably crowded condition during normal everyday use. Compounded with a general lack of physical comforts, such as seating or shade structures, further discouraged any student gatherings and usage of the space.  

Replacing the old and tired looking elevated structure, the new elevated plaza functions as a strong connective element as well as a gathering space for students and faculty.  Programmed around three strategies of using path, platform and forest as organizational elements, the plaza provides a number of flexible spaces at all pedestrian scales.


Brennan Cox was the Project Manager and Project Designer on this project while at Hargreaves Associates.



Duke University