Buzzards Bay Park

Bourne, Massachusetts

w/ Wilson Martin 




1 [noun] an area of reduced air pressure and forward suction immediately behind a rapidly moving vehicle  

2 [verb] to add enhancements to or fix bugs in software without creating a new version number to identify the changes



Wonderful and rich in its own way, Buzzard’s Bay Village is the fragile center of a unique community.  Its downtown, Canal-front, and Park, should not be “transformed”, “themed”, or endowed with “special attractions.”  However, as vehicular traffic bypasses the Village, competing peripheral centers have emerged.  Pedestrians are scarce much of the year and too much Village retail space is vacant.  The threat of complacency is apparent and the impetus to evolve is certain.  Moreover, regional economic analysis and a survey of the site reveal potentials – public assembly, active recreation, tourism, storm water remediation, and habitat function - that are not fully maximized.  The ingredients for forward change exist or are near-at-hand and a series of locally driven interventions can initiate the momentum necessary for rejuvenation.


We propose an array of interventions that are nested temporally within phenomena and tradition specific to the site.  Some interventions validate or expand upon familiar uses; others introduce alien program.  Each emerges from a structure of cultural spaces and events that are fostered by current visitors and residents or are grafted to the locale’s cyclical mechanisms. Whether by attracting swimmers or providing habitat for shore birds, each intervention is itself a catalyst for activity. Born of local conditions, these activities accrue and coalesce to enrich an evolving whole.  


1[noun] a piece of ground washed by the sea

2 [noun} a thin liquid used for coating a surface

THE WASH is the guiding metaphor for our proposed interventions.  Washes activate moments and effect routines.  Washes are spatially and culturally extensive and often ephemeral.   Washes are sometimes ambiguous in their human role.  Washes are continually established and re-established as their edges fluctuate and their material effects emerge and fade.   Washes are persistent.