Central Park

Park Master Plan
San Clara, California



Groundworks Office is currently working with ELS Architects on a major park re-organization project for the City of Santa Clara.  Originally commissioned in 1960 and designed by Robert Royston, the 52-acre park is recognized by the Cultural Landscape Foundation as an iconic modernist public park.  Designed with strong geometric forms and thoughtful attention to space making, the park remains a popular destination for many South Bay residents.  Much of Royston’s design language still exists today, but is in desperate need of an update and refurbishment.

Groundworks Office is currently undertaking a two-part design renovation of the park.  Part one, is a careful re-design and refurbishment of the park west of Saratoga Creek, where much of the original park structure has been degraded or was never implemented.  Part two, is working closely with ELS to develop a design for a world-class swimming facility and community recreation center.

The project walks the careful line between a historic rehabilitation and the implementation of a new design language that heavily references Royston’s original intent.  A key feature of the new design is a Creek Walk, where the park visitor is able to see and experience the ephemeral qualities of Saratoga Creek


City of Santa Clara