Christopher Beasley

Design Associate


Christopher is passionate about design, and his creativity is the vehicle for his feelings.  Expressed in lines and shapes… textures and materials…colors and balance, his choreography of design delivers a complete product. A dance of life and freedom is applied to commerce, environments and the creation of everyday objects.

Native to New Orleans, the rhythm of life is reflected in Christopher’s art and talents. His technique reflects the jazz beat of Faubourg Marigny…the grit of the Ninth Ward…the soul of the bayou.

Christopher’s travels have given him a global perspective and a curiosity of people and places, which feed his creativity. His relationship to the world has provided him with a point of view beyond the norm. A thirst for new experiences and meeting people different than himself will carry Christopher forward.

Entirety is defined as wholeness…completeness. The entirety of Christopher Beasley is a life of creativity in design that changes lives. Now experience the entirety.


Louisiana State University - Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

Professional Experience

GROUNDWORKS Office - Berkeley, California

Tom Leader Studio - Berkeley, California
April Philips Design Works - San Rafael, California
Studio Five Design - San Anselmo, California