Denver Playscape

Denver, Colorado


Our vision for Denver City Play Park starts with a simple mantra: Make It Fun, Stimulating and Memorable.  Playgrounds today are to prescriptive and unnecessarily direct how our children should play.  Our approach was centered on creating playgrounds that promote free-form play.  Playgrounds that are less prescriptive and more open ended.   Malleability of a child’s environment is critical to the learning process and we believe kids should shape the play spaces they use. This process fosters exploration and creativity, both critical in the development of a child's brain.  City Play Park will serve as a playground for the young and young at heart, fostering new connections among visitors and a meeting point for the community.  Organized around a set of distinct play areas, city play park will offer all those who visit an unforgettable park experience with each visit.  At the center of the park is City Park Hill, a new feature that will offer an ideal place for kids to roll, tumble and slide.