Earth Day & Citizens for Eastshore Parks

An urgent area CESP is addressing is the effect of sea rise along the San Francisco Bay shoreline. The predicted two meter (6.5 feet) sea rise over the coming decades, along with the increase in storms and king tides, will cause massive erosion, habitat destruction and flooding along our shoreline. Whole sections of freeways (80, 580) will be inundated, beaches lost, lowland communities flooded and habitat destroyed if we do not take steps now.

CESP is in the organizing and study stage of addressing sea rise on our shoreline. We are working with other organizations and elected officials from Fremont to Hercules, examining practical approaches to green infrastructure solutions that can mitigate sea level rise and prevent coastal destruction. This added focus on a resilient shoreline is a natural extension of our 30-year effort to protect open space and develop a unified shoreline park along the Bay’s eastern shoreline.  

Climate change adds urgency to expanding the amount of shoreline protected from development. Open space along the shoreline provides expanded opportunities to implement mitigation and larger-scale restoration efforts compared to areas with development abutting the shoreline.  

CESP is building a grand coalition of leaders in the East Bay. The goal is to gather the political will and momentum to gain funding (from federal, state and local sources) for a resilient shoreline.  

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