Tunnel Top

Urban Design
San Francisco, California



For the past few years, Groundworks Office has been working with a hardy group of neighbors and park stewards to turn this challenging remnant site into a new urban gathering node.  With commanding views to the south, the half-acre park is chock-full of site constraints and limitations; its location atop a rail tunnel and its proximity to Interstate 280 provides challenges.  The response has been focusing on a simple design with no load bearing structures, mitigating noise, and expanding the ecological relevance of the site.  

The focal point of the new park is a flexible paved area that will provide a much-needed space for play in the neighborhood.  Site storm-water is directed into a wetland garden that will host a number of aquatic plants and, with any hope, a frog.  A new site-planting regime will be installed that supports local native and drought-tolerant plants.  A special focus has been placed on plants with a high ecological value that will foster and attract at-risk species of both insects and small birds.




Friends of Tunnel Top Park & San Francisco Parks Alliance