Woods Yard Park

Public Park
San Francisco, California

Woods Yard-103-edit.jpg


The Dogpatch Neighborhood was previously void of any outdoor play spaces for children, Groundworks Office worked to develop plans to build a new tot lot in Woods Yard Park. The design references the intense patterning of the Checkerspot Butterfly with a high contrast rubberized paving pattern for the surface of the playground. Reclaimed wood benches were added to provide a pleasant perch for parents, etched on the seat back of the bench is a high contrast lettering identifying the neighborhood park. A new planting regime will interrupt the lawn that dominates the park with a small patch of drought tolerant native butterfly attractor plant species.

A first of its kind, the construction of the park is a partnership between the San Francisco Parks Alliance and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency. Through the outstanding efforts of local neighbors and citizens, the park was funded and built in 2014. 



Dogpatch Neighborhood Playground Working Group